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S.A. Alger – Lace and Line Art


S.A. Alger (Lace and Line Art) was raised in West Texas and has spent time living in Dallas, New York City, and South Bend, IN before moving to Germantown, MD with his family in late 2017. Although he had been creating art for himself over the past 20 years, it was in South Bend that he found himself in a role that helped foster his creativity and exploration of media. It was through teaching his young daughter and son colors, shapes, and textures that his love of art grew. He is a self-taught artist who also expresses himself in the kitchen and behind the bar. During his time in Indiana, he was chosen to feature his art in local shows and galleries, contributing to the richness of the South Bend art community. Now he is finding new outlets to present his work in the local art scene of the DMV. 


The pieces created by Lace and Line Art draw inspiration from graffiti, pop art, tattoos, and cover art/concert posters from various bands, always brought together with music filling the room. He primarily works with lace and spray paint to create the layered backgrounds. Then he uses, acrylics, markers, repurposed items and hand made stencils to create his colorful pieces. His work in the last couple years has evolved through several series of concepts that includes Native Americans, love, spirit animals and the old west.

The majority of his work relies on repurposing. From incorporating repurposed material into pieces, using repurposed frames as found to display the art, and repurposing materials from one piece to another, he creates a synergistic flow between paintings. He embraces the idea of using everything while creating little waste.